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headlines out of charlotte. first lady michelle obama speaking to the party faithful last night. bill clinton is tonight's headliner. we'll go to north carolina and check in with john harwood in a moment. >>> first, nfl kickoff, the giants and cowboys play tonight but the real game is on "squawk" this morning. we'll talk big business of the pigskin with the top nfl executive, mark wal erwaller at eastern time. and exclusive interview with indra nooyi from pepsico. and we'll talk to the owner of the new york jets, woody johnson at 7:15 eastern. and we have the owners of the cowboys and the giants, they will be live together at :15 eastern time. jerry jones and steve tisch in a "squawk box" exclusive. let's start with the top headlines, andrew. >>> let's talk facebook. it's promising not to sell stock to cover a $2 billion tax bill. it says it will cover that with existing cash and borrowing from credit facilities. as a result of the move, total outstanding shares will be reduced by 1.5 million shares. the company spinning it as a equivalent of buy back. the company disclosing rank and
. expectations for president obama's address tonight. >>> first though let's get you up to speed on the morning's top headlines. first up, the ecb is meeting in frankfurt today. this is a huge story. a rate decision is expected at about 7:45 eastern time. the real news is at 8:30 eastern. that's when mario draghi will be holding his news conference. the ecb president is expected to announce his framework for bond buying. it's said to be unlikely that intervention sides or yield targets will be given. we'll have more in a few minutes. >>> then of course we'll be bringing you the 7:45 announcement. about half of the economists polled are looking for a cut there interest rates. we'll be bringing you the headlines from draghi's news conference as they happen. >>> german chancellor angela merkel will be holding talks in madrid today. they are expected to focus on spain aus austerity measures. >>> the august adp numbers will be coming out at 8:15 eastern time. the u.s. economy added 145,000 private payrolls last month. obviously this is all huge news. it will all have an impact on the election bringi
"wall street journal" poll finds that president obama is leading mitt romney nationally by five points among likely voters. john harwood will join us with more at 6:20 eastern. >>> on the lighter side of things, we'll have a special guest join us in chairs. david letterman's executive producer rob burnett, the director of an upcoming film called "we made this movie." it's got interesting angles on the market. >>> let's get you up to speed. >> he didn't really make that -- >> we made that movie. >> he didn't really make it. there were roads, there were studios that were built. >> you have to tell him that. you didn't really write that book. >> i didn't do a lot of things. the government did it. >> this strike. the draft agreement for the first time links teacher evaluation to student test scores. and if they don't improve, the worst performing teachers get fired. >> it's a slow process. tenured teachers still have some rights above. the deal would let the city lay off teachers based on performance rather than just how long they serve, which is the idea that that's the way it used to be.
on their delegate and tonight michelle obama will be speaking and john harwood is in charlotte, joining us with a preview of all the action this morning. john? >> are you sure you're done with breaking news on joe's tape worm situation? >> i don't have one yet. if i get one, i know where it's -- andrew just got back from africa, john, which i'm sure you've been there, haven't you? >> caller: i have. >> you climb kilimanjaro or something or what did you do? >> i went there several times. most of the time i was covering unrest in south africa during the 1980s before mandela was released. >> you weren't in luxury tree houses with a jacuzzi in your room? >> i have been on luxury camping situations. it's pretty cool. but most was for reporting. >> good answer. >> andrew, if he gets sick at all any time in the next three months, you're going to get blamed. >> god knows what you brought back with you. >> i'm going to bring you a prescription. >> did you behave yourself over there? she was with you? >> yes. >> you were home every night? >> don't go there. >> let's go to the convention -- >> just l
reserves of shale gas. and spokesman for mitt romney says the obama administration should formally their china a currency manipulator. semiannual report due on the topic released by treasury in mid october. >> it had stopped for a while and yuan was slowly moving up, but then with all the pressures with their economy, it's kind of turned around. >> when you start messing around with china as a political football on either side, election nearing and -- >> and tensions between china and japan got pretty bad. i heard the lexus is going to be slowing down production because wealthy people don't want to buy a japanese luxury sedan. >> a lot of people that were wealthy aren't quite as wealthy as they used to be. i think trump was always railing about china, too. >> in other news out of washington, the white house is reportedly prepare to go direct federal agencies to develop guidelines for owners of power, water and other infrastructure facilities. it would give the agencies 90 days to propose new regulations and create a new cyber security council at the department of homeland security.
in the country but there are some. and what you had was prosecute president obama casting a much more somber tone than four years. that fits the fact he has an unemployment rate over 8%, a very slow economy. you talked about the jobs number coming this morning. he was trying to come to terms with the disappointment many people have felt in the results of the first four years. he said, i've always told you it's not going to be easy. here's the president. >> i won't pretend the path i'm offering is quick or easy. i never have. you didn't elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. you elected me to tell you the truth. and the truth is it will take require, effort, and the bold, persistent experimentation president roosevelt used during a crisis worse than this one. >> reporter: the president went on to say democrats should regard government as a solution for every problem but it was a strong defense as some role for government, education, science, innovation, and he left vice president biden to do the sharper attack on mitt romney, framing romney's values and approach in the context of the auto r
and obama will campaign in florida today. both campaigns are reaching back into the past, attacking each other with videotaped messages. and yesterday jack welch kept saying why 2016. romney's assessment of obama supporters and a secretly recorded meeting of a hedge fund guy during a private fund-raising earlier this year still causing problems for his campaign it says here. but now republicans are firing back accusing president obama of trying to redistribute wealth, using a 1998 recording of then senator barack obama talking about make government more efficient at a loyola university chicago conference. check it out. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution. because i actually believe in rediss friday abuse. at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> he said some years ago something which we're hearing about today on the internet. he said that he believes in redistribution. >> governor romney and congressman ryan would redistribute wealth for tr middle class fam
this economy is enacting extreme austerity, and this debate is relevant whether it's obama or romney. is austerity actually denting growth, is it creating more problems than it solves. let me give you one example. we have a sales tax in this country that has been raised from 16% to 18% to 21%. that has created a slight inflation issue. now, pensions are inflation linked. and this country in november has to increase pension abouts by inflation. so by raising 2.5 billion euro v.a.t., it will cost them 3.5 billion euro misincreased pension costs. so you can see the conundrum. they're enacting enormous amounts of austerity, but that's denting an economy which is already in recession. its second since 2008. and things are getting worse. 25% unemployment, a million up sold homes. and we haven't even talked about the banking crisis and the autonomous region, some of which including catalonia are looking trying to get some form of assembly. it is a toxic mix. >> imagine that there will be pressure on markets as this they think unfolds. we're also counting down to the wire here of course in t
. but pointless, really. going to lose to the reds one way or another. >>> both president obama and mitt romney will be in ohio today. the story behind that swing state. >>> welcome back. take a look and you'll see that the dow futures are slightly higher. s&p futures up by close to two and a half. this comes after the market ended on its weakest levels of the day yesterday. yesterday was the worst day for the month of september for the dow. it was the worst day in two months for the nasdaq and it was the worst day in three months for the s&p 500. all of that kind of playing out overseas as well. in europe this morning, you are going to see some red arrows. a lot of concern about what's happening as protests pick up in spain, and you see more concerns coming in greece right now about austerity measures. the german dax is down by about 1.5%. the nikkei in japan was down by 2%. >>> in "sporting news," the atlanta braves are on their way to the postseason in. the boft the ninth against the marlins last night, freddy freeman connected and takes it to straight center for a walk-off homer. exciting.
on the presidential election given that the strike is taking place in president obama's hometown and that chicago mayor rahm emanuel once served as his chief of staff. our guest host this morning is very passion that the about the issue of education. we have home depot founder ken langone whole be here at 7:00. and he'll also be joined by dick grasso. and of course today marks the 11 year anniversary since the terrorist attacks of september 11st. there are observances taking place in new york, washington, pennsylvania and many other parts of this country. we have aol chairman and ceo tim armstrong and kenny dichter teaming up to try to honest or the victims and help their families. both will be joining us to talk about their work with action america at 6:50 eastern time. first, though, let's bring you up to speed on this morning's top stories. >> and welcome back. nice to see you back and feeling better. let's talk about some of the headlines this morning. germany's high court will be ruling on the legality of the eurozone permanent bailout fund tomorrow. the court rejected a last meant plea to p
, obama seemed to get a bump, but my question, were those polls taken before friday, after friday, and does it matter. >> it's a rolling poll, so i think the ones that came out on sunday would have been -- it's not all new. but it's one of those rolling polls where they keep adding to it i think. >> i just wondered whether those job numbers were included in that because that would have been surprising to me. >> i don't know what to think of these polls. and the headline, it was either huff post or grudge, when you go back, carter up 8% that the point, the one that really got me was dukakis after the dnc. 17% up. but then again, they look it at the swing states, out of seven swing states,ic t i think the president has a slim lead in six out of seven. and normally in mid september, that's a pretty good indication. >> i know you're a big mike allen fan. i was reading it on sunday and he had quotes from people inside the romney campaign who were a little anxious about a couple of states. >> i saw that. they're all worried about ohio. and it's like five points right now supposedly. in
or later. coming up, your money, your vote. president obama plans to head to ohio to announce a trade fight against china's auto industry. meantime mitt romney makes his economic pitch to the hispanic chamber of commerce. john harwood has the latest from the campaign trail. that's after the break. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. here on cnbc. i'm joe kernen along with andrew ross sorkin. becky is off today on th
. >>> still to come this morning on squawk, president obama, mitt romney and their respective campaign staffers hitting the airwaves. we'll have some of the highlights. and in the next hour, we have two of the world's most renowned scholars in the field of energy. why they argue that the situation in iran could be a game changer for crude prices. meantime, iranian hackers are have said to have attacked jpmorgan and citigroup. we'll talk cyber security. and ask's michael fertik is the nation's banking system is at risk. ffrs . >>> tomorrow on "squawk box," an hour with our guest host barry diller who ran pariramount and fox. we'll talk politics with jeb bush. at optionsxpress we create easy-to-use, powerful trading tools for all. like our all-in-one trade ticket. we put strategies, chains and positions all on one screen. start trading today with optionsxpress by charles schwab. >>> last night both mitt romney and president obama were on "60 minutes" and this was a chance to see both of the candidates. it was a very interesting way of watching about it, among the topics th
. in the meantime, two navy warships are being positioned off libya's coast awaiting orders. president obama telling libya's president last night that the country must help the u.s. keep americans there safe. anti-american demonstrations have spread beyond libya and egypt. we will bring you any developments throughout the morning. and then at 8:35, we'll be talking about stability in the middle east with senator john mccain. le also our special series on the future of finance continues this morning. today's headliner is former who are began stanley chairman and ceo phil parcel. and r. a phil is cautioning that the comments aren't black and white. he'll explain what he thinks about the controversial topic of breaking up the big banks. >>> of course the fed may be the biggest news of the day. many expecting the central bank to launch that third round of quantitative he quantitative easing. the decision announced at 12:30. and then better bernanke will hold a news conference at 2:15 and we'll have complete coverage. another central bank already making an announcement, south korea holding interest rates
would not be getting to meet with the obama administration. and that did create a bit of a fray. president obama ended up talking to him for over an hour on the phone. but he made some of the strongest comments he's made to date, pushing back against the u.s. government at this point. >> and it's great the way the papers are portraying it. "the new york times." the israeli leader kind of stiffened the call a little bit. for the u.s. to -- in terms of iran. drudge is drudge, but it was funny. they got a great picture of him looking at obama. usa and israel in open feud. and then it says white house declines request to meet with obama. because schedule full. right after that. announces "letterman" appearance. >> oh boy. really? everything is subjective. depends on where you're getting your news. that's why some people watch what they want to hear. fox news, msnbc during the dnc. who do we have? we have people that are just really interested in investing and stocks. >> i was thinking the other day, your html high performance. you're very cerebral and smart about these things. the o
if it was president obama gets re-elected, then at the high end you'll see the bush tax cuts not extended for the high end. and then -- but if romney wins it, you would see them all extended. is there one that would have a better outcome in your view? >> you know, i think there's a -- there's a tension between two different things here. on the one hand, there's a sense that in the very near term with a weak overall economic performance continuing that raising levels of taxes wherever in the distribution may have some negative effects on economic growth. and then there's a harder long-term question, frankly, which is how tax rates on capital gains, on dividends which feed through a somewhat complicated channel by encouraging various kinds of saving activity and ultimately lowering the cost of capital to businesses and encouraging investment, how that translates into long-term economic growth. that is frankly a difficult chain to try to measure in any precise way, and consequently it's harder to be able to trace through the quantitative impacts on growth to follow through on channels for that. >> to fol
. a jimmy carter campaign ad, ronald reagan, a cowboy who shoots from the hip. obama people should have looked at that before they wrote it. >> i think it should go further. i would do an ad that said we had hostages in the middle east under jimmy carter for two years. jimmy carter asked him to release the hostages and they said ha, ha, ha. ronald reagan in office two hours, and hostages released. don't do it, don't do it, don't do it, and they saha, ha, ha. what's he going to do? if they see romney, i think there will be a difference different response. my experience with islamic terrorists, which dates back to 1972. when we become complacent, we appease, they attack more. like in the '90s, attack on the world trade center in '93, didn't do anything, the guy that was going to bomb the subway. morsi wants him released. i am outraged. this man wanted to bomb my city, and the head of egypt wants him released, and we're giving them $2 billion a year. are we out of our minds? >> we had john mccain on the show yesterday, talked about the funding that's there. he believes in still having some
true that that is a huge insult for the president, for president obama. and i wouldn't take that lightly at all. i'd be irate if someone did that. are we going to the global markets? i already saw ross read those quotes and, just, his expression i think epitomized the gravity of what we're dealing with here. of course he is over in europe where they long ago, tocqueville tried to convince the united states and the way things are done here and loved the way we did things here. and tried to write about it and talk about how when -- i have a chart to show that you we really have only gotten up to the 49% number in recent years. if we have that-wil -- here's t chart. you go back to 1962. and i think it was in the teens the number of people that paid no federal income tax. and it slowly steadily has been rising until 2009 where we're at 49.5%. so even in 1970, it was 12%. and we point out that payroll taxes, they pay sales taxes, i don't know whether they pay state income tax. >> those people paying 15.3% in social security taxes, i think it's a problem and this lays out the prob
romney by 50 to 45. in colorado, the president leads by the same margin, 50 to 45. and in iowa, obama holds a wider lead, 50-42, but a rasmussen poll had romney up three in i a iowa. the hmaximum margin of railroad is three point, but the difference between rasmussen and nbc is 11. so if you can explain that to me -- really. and then gallup, which after the convention, gallup consistently had obama up by five points and rasmussen was closer. rasmussen has i think the president up by one or two and gallon up it's 47-47. national polls become according to pundits less important because they you willy twr lact the way you can win the electoral college. and some assumptions that bom so far had ohio and virginia, that romney would need to win all these other states where he's down by more than three. but if you can tell me before all the debates who will win ohio, nobody knows will win ohio. i guarantee you, nobody knows who will win ohio. nobody knows any of this stuff. >> and that's why he we have elections. >> on november 6 we'll take a huge poll. and if you poll even 2,000 people, but
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